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At Beehive Bay we've been formulating and producing the finest quality health products for almost a decade and a half!

We use only the finest raw ingredients from the beehive - royal jelly in it's purest and most potent form, bee pollen as fresh as it comes, the purest extracts of propolis, and the finest domestic honey, to power a select range of vitamin supplements and natural skincare products.

Furthermore, we select organically produced ingredients wherever possible and avoid the use of chemicals at all costs. This makes our products potent, but also gentle and safe for use by your entire family.

satisfaction guaranteeOur parent company, 'The Natural Shopper' have been at the forefront of product innovation since 1998, researching and developing products such as the best selling combination beehive supplement 'Total Bee Plus'. Beehive Bay has been created to take this a step further, with the introduction of a small number of cutting-edge skin care products, complimentary to the theme of 'health products from the beehive'.

Enjoy your time at our website, know that your time here will be safe and secure, and know also that if you decide to put your trust in us, you'll be rewarded with the best quality products that money can buy, along with the security of a full money-back guarantee up to six months from your date of purchase.

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